Terms & Conditions for Farmers

I have understood that POORTI platform (provided by POORTI Agri Services Private Limited) is dedicated to farmer welfare. By joining this platform, we will get the following benefits.


1) Right quality and quantity of Right farm-inputs from authorized sellers.

2) Easy access to information on agri-input products from reputed producers, features, prices etc.

3) Convenience of ordering agri-inputs anytime from home without taking off from farming schedule.

4) Ability to do Cashless transactions through bank transfer. No cash withdrawal or handling hassles.

5) Quality assurance through batch no & expiry date entered on the platform by the sellers.

6) Savings due to transparency on prices from suppliers, shared logistics etc.

7) Post-sales complaint tracking for all orders placed on the platform.

 To avail these benefits, I voluntarily register myself with POORTI Agri Services Private Limited (the Company) with the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) information which can be shared with third parties for product research, testing, ordering and support purposes. I hereby declare that the details furnished by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I undertake to inform the company of any changes therein or any unauthorized use of my log-on credentials, immediately. In case of any discrepancy, I understand that the company is not responsible for action taken based on the information.

I understand that the IT platform has a built-in bank transfer facility from reputed national banks. I authorize the company to collect and settle payments for all orders placed by me on my behalf. All terms and conditions of mobile banking or net banking of the respective banks will apply. I must accept those terms and conditions, and exercise due care all the time, such as applying timely software & security updates on mobile/other access devices, keeping access credentials including One Time Password (OTP) confidential, using the platform as per manual available on the website, acting on Short Messaging System (SMS) alerts timely etc.   

While the company provides the IT platform and post-sales compliant tracking to assist us, for related services such as data and mobile connectivity, product listing & delivery, payment services etc, the respective service providers/ vendors are responsible.  Accordingly, I agree to indemnify the company against all incidental/consequential loss, suits, claims, demands, charges, expenses, and liabilities.

The above-mentioned contents have been read over, understood and agreed.


The policy aims to be fair and transparent to all stakeholder groups and assign relevant cancellation charges to the respective stakeholder based on the reason for cancellation. While farmer is responsible for self-pick-up of the material ordered, the stock management and presentation of the item to farmer will be the responsibility of the producer and their associated dealer. Since POORTI is connecting the producer and the bank for financial transactions, any levy on dealer's account will be passed on to the producer. Producer and the dealer can have offline settlement process for any cancellation charges, which will be supported by the transaction and cancellation trail provided by the POORTI platform. Cancellation charge is incurred primarily due to additional service effort for the customer by POORTI (if dealer/producer is accountable for the cancellation) or stock arrangement effort (if the farmer is accountable for the cancellation) in addition to regular platform usage charges of 2% for an order.


           The Farmer can cancel the order any time before the order is confirmed.

           Once the order is shipped OR delivery is picked up from Dealer point, this Policy is not applicable.

           The dealer is chosen by the farmer based on the proximity of stock location and his preference. The Producer Company can reassign the order to another Dealer/ cancel  the order if the order cannot be accepted by the dealer chosen by the farmer within SLA timeframe (12 hours). Some common situations in which orders are changed for alternate Dealer include: The item is out of stock OR temporary closure of the dealer's shop etc.


    POORTI ERP allows a maximum of 10 days to farmers to pick up their delivery after receiving the delivery confirmation SMS (with OTP) from POORTI ERP. A confirmed order gets automatically cancelled thereafter. For auto order cancellation, the ERP system automatically triggers the cancellation of order and money is refunded to the same Bank account the Farmer for placing the order. In such case, POORTI deducts 5% of Order Value for Farmer’s failure to pick up within stipulated time. The Farmer receives a reminder SMS just 2 days before the cancellation, followed by confirmation on cancellation. The maximum time of 2 weeks is required for the credit to be reflected in Farmer account. 


          The Farmer may reject the order for valid reasons listed on the platform (shown on his app). On first rejection, the dealer may immediately provide him another package or item with a different batch no and expiry date. If it is acceptable, there is no rejection (order stands completed). If there is no alternative offered the same day, the order will be marked cancelled. In this case, the entire amount needs to be returned to the farmer. POORTI will levy 5% of the cancelled transaction to producer, as  dealer is considered to be an extension of the producer's entity in POORTI's context.


          Primarily, Producer Companies do not permit any refunds through POORTI system once the Purchase cycle gets over. As a special case, as part of farmer grievance redress mechanism, if Producer arranges a return or refund (subject to their discretion), the delivery/refund will be arranged outside POORTI platform, whereas related communication will be recorded on POORTI platform (on iService - our Complaint Management software). For this, the farmer needs to ensure that the Product is not damaged, soiled, tampered or used and that all labels and tags are attached.


          Exchanges are not allowed by POORTI system. A fresh order is required to buy new items.


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