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  • Groundnut cake is alternative protein source but deficient in some vital amino acids (such as lysine and methionine) that are present in fishmeal. A 30-day feeding trial was conducted to study the effects of lysine and methionine supplemented groundnut cake diets on the growth, feed utilization and survival of C. gariepinus fry.

  • Corn grain has been the standard energy source used in catfish feeds. Corn grain contains at least as much digestible energy as other energy feedstuffs derived from plant material, and it is relatively low in fat and crude fiber.

  • Mahua Seed deoiled Cake is used in pond preparation for fishes.The saponin in the cake is a powerful fish poison (wild & unwanted fish) and the cake can be used to control predatory fish present in the pounds and lakes.

  • Wheat grain and wheat middlings have relative energy values of 101 and 92, respectively, thus they can be used as energy sources in catfish feeds. Wheat grain works well as a binder and provides enough starch for proper gelatinization and expansion of the feed pellets, but because of cost, wheat middlings are generally used.

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