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  • Groundnut cake is alternative protein source but deficient in some vital amino acids (such as lysine and methionine) that are present in fishmeal. A 30-day feeding trial was conducted to study the effects of lysine and methionine supplemented groundnut cake diets on the growth, feed utilization and survival of C. gariepinus fry.

  • Corn grain has been the standard energy source used in catfish feeds. Corn grain contains at least as much digestible energy as other energy feedstuffs derived from plant material, and it is relatively low in fat and crude fiber.

  • Mahua Seed deoiled Cake is used in pond preparation for fishes.The saponin in the cake is a powerful fish poison (wild & unwanted fish) and the cake can be used to control predatory fish present in the pounds and lakes.

  • Wheat grain and wheat middlings have relative energy values of 101 and 92, respectively, thus they can be used as energy sources in catfish feeds. Wheat grain works well as a binder and provides enough starch for proper gelatinization and expansion of the feed pellets, but because of cost, wheat middlings are generally used.

  • BAZI (Liquid) : PLANT GROWTH REGULATOR AND HIGH YIELD PLANT GROWTH PROMOTER. A dedicated team of Scientists of MICRO IMPURO SEPARATORS, with their innovative knowledge on cultivation and fertilizers have invented the latest amino acid based plant nutrient named BAZI.

  • BIOMINO (LIQUID): AMINO ACID BASED ORGANIC PLANT FOOD BIOMINO is an amino acid, derived form of protein which enhances growth, strengthens the immune system, develops functional hormones and celluloid enzymes and reduces fruit fall in plants. So it can be used as growth regulating stimulant in all kinds of Crops through solution used as spray for foliar...

  • BIOMINO GOLD (GRANULES FOR SOIL APPLICATION):- AMINO ACID BASED ORGANIC NITROGEN AND SOIL CONDITIONERS With the increase in population the areas under cultivation are reducing day by day and the same areas are being cultivated round the year with extensive use of chemical fertilizer to increase crop yield and crop intensity for food security of the rising...

  • MRITTIKA :- Mrittika, a granular fertilizer is manufactured with an objective to fulfill supply of organic nutrients of a plant, and to protect beneficial microbes in the soil and natural fertility of soil. Mrittika is a complete nutritional food for crops, consisting of Amino Acids along with essential constituents like Indol-Acetic acid, Indol-Butaric...

  • ORGANIC NITROGEN, TECHNICAL (Brand Name: SPARSHASHAKTI) : It is a miraculous invention of concentrated source of Organic Nitrogen substituting Chemical Nitrogen. Various demonstrations and trials show that Organic Nitrogen can give a universal result in yield which is not less than chemical nitrogen but better than that if used in proper manner and doses.

  • ORGANIC NITROGEN + PHOSPHORUS COMBINATION, TECHNICAL (Brand Name, MACROFET): It is a compound fertilizer of Nitrogen and Phosphorus derived from Organic origin. It acts like Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) substitute of Chemical N+P (1:2.5) combined fertilizers. Results are very encouraging.

  • MIXED AMINO ACID BASE ORGANIC MASH FEED FOR FISH, TECHNICAL (Brand name MEENSHAKTI PLUS): MEENSHAKTI PLUS is an aquatic mash feed for Pisciculture, developed by MICRO IMPURO SEPARATORS ,which consists of rice bran, rice bran powder, maize powder , reduction of wheat polishing and Meenshakti(an aquatic fish feed supplement consist with numerous amino acids).

  • MICROMINO ( FEED SUPPLEMENT) MICROMINO, cattle feed supplement, manufactured by MICRO IMPURO SEPARATORS, is normally used as a feed supplement, in liquid form, for cattle, horse, pig, cat and dog. Doses of this feed supplement differ from animal to animal, depending on their ability to digest, but benefits to them are equal in all respects pertaining to...

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