Coromandel 4 उत्पादने आहेत

4 पैकी 1 - 4 आयटम दर्शवित आहे
  • Product description: Contains highest percentage of Nitrogen (46%) Most preferred fertilizer among the farmers for basal application as well as top dressing Does not contain any filler materials.

  • Unique grade offered exclusively by Coromandel. Contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Highest total nutrient content among NPK fertilizers (63%) N & P ratio same as DAP. In addition, GROMOR 14-35-14 has extra 14% potash. High in Phosphorous content (35%). Best for almost all kinds of crops like Cotton, Groundnut, Chilly, Soya bean, Potato. Not...

  • GROMOR 20-20-0-13 is Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate containing Nitrogen and Phosphate in 1:1 ratio. Sulphur response in many crops has been reported very encouraging and application of GROMOR 20-20-0-1

4 पैकी 1 - 4 आयटम दर्शवित आहे
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