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Farming Equipment Companies

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    Bengal Rotavator is one esteemed product of New Bengal Agro Implements. It’s the only Rotavator in the world which is scientifically designed with both side gear drives. We are waiting for the patent on the design and specification of our unique products. No need for four to five pass to cultivate the land which a cultivator requires to save time and money. With Bengal Rotavator, only one pass is enough for cultivation including leveling of the land. Bengal Rotavator can cultivate 2.0 acre land in wet soil condition per hour and in dry it can be 1.0 acre per hour. Whereas Power Tiller can do 0.15 Acre per hour. Normal cultivator needs at least 4/5 pass to cover the same without leveling. It means Bengal Rotavator save 80% time and fuel.
    We are having ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Manufacturing Agricultural Implements.

  • Pasura Crop Care Pvt....

    Pasura Crop Care Pvt. Ltd.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 42 items
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