Security of Asset

DATE: October 9th, 2018

More and more research studies interpret the major concern for Indians which has been the security of their assets and investments. This insecurity has been more provoked due to presence of fund cheaters in our society. We have always been on the back when it comes to digital facilitation despite of the fact that we are on the developing route. This is the mental block which is observed in the city people and it becomes more prevalent as we move towards the deep rural areas of our country. Most of them considers internet a tool for frauds, the advantageous side still remains in the shadow of the foul deeds of some tricksters.

In many villages in Nadia, Sunderban and many more the habitants feel insecure in making their money to travel online to the destination point. It is their belief that there are high chances that the money can leak from the usual path and can fell in the account of an unknown. To combat their disbelief like this POORTI has brought a process of OTP generation which will be generated on the farmers end and it will be verified by the dealer during disbursement of the product. Along with the OTP process Messaging is also provided which will be confirming the placing of the order. With this the farmer can be sure of their transactions as they will be getting a payment confirmation from the bank end as well, assuring them with the precise money payment. This helps in retention of customer loyalty and trust, evangelism of the customers thereby increase in sales of the product . Now the farmers section doesn’t need to depend of loose cash to buy a product from a retailer or dealer which enhances the condition of farmers leaps and bounds.

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