Cashless Transactions

DATE: October 9th, 2018

Country is moving in a direction of becoming devoid of liquid cash completely. Whenever something off track has been introduced more than the support it faces the critics in India. Same happened to it, but in support to this lots had been done in past like countries like Sweden, Denmark, UK, Canada and Belgium are following the cashless process and had been among the developed countries in the world, citizens of this countries can’t really recover the moment where they had used the cash for transactions.

India is on the route to become the main power house of the world but the core part is still in the rust of lack of awareness and benefits which they deserve. From the core part I meant the Rural side of our nation which still remains in the darkness of fear for the security of their money while doing it online. In the recent visit to Sunderban , the southern part of Bengal, touching the Bay Of Bengal. The primary thing which came to up as a problem was lack of basic awareness and know how regarding the different ways of transactions followed all over the world. Jogeshgunj a place in Hingalgunj which is in Sunderban is mainly resides by the farmers and the villagers to access cash has to travel for 27kms to Hingalgunj from their place to draw the cash from the MONO –ATM and that too with a insecurity of the availability of the cash or other problems of ATM not working or server problem which is a routine obstacle in the outskirts. The daily life of the local people is not at all easy. No urgent evacuation system is present like urgent requirement of cash for some medical issues or farming issues. To be pre-prepared all the time is not possible , therefore the scope of compromise creeps in.

Keeping intact all the problems, POORTI has been a revelation for such farmers since it introduces the option to the farmers to go cashless. It provides an option to the farmers to order their wanted product online through the POORTI App and the payment for the product will be done simultaneously from the bank the farmer has its attachment with. This ultimately releases the pressure of keeping cash from the farmers end and it also helps in the engagement of the farmers towards this project, more and more farmers avail the service the more they promote it to other farmer friends and on the whole it also increases the sales of authorized products which was not done by the farmers earlier. Persistence from the farmers are required and if that happens then there is no looking back.

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