Reassignment of the Dealer

  • 14 July, 2017
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Reassignment word defines passing on the responsibility to someone else, holding the same duty as of the former one, for various reasons. Primarily the reason stands as the unavailability of the service. Same happens with the farmers, many a times it had been found that the dealer excuses of not having the desired product. This is a complete waste of time and money for the farmers since they had to go to the dealer’s place which is at a far distant and also he needs to beer the expense of travelling.

                In real when the survey had been done on the conditions of Sunderban  farmer where they had to travel for 30 km to reach the dealer’s place and even after reaching at the place there was no surety or promise that he will get the product he ordered. This can take a face of frustration and a sense of loyalty can be damaged a bit.  To amend this problem POORTI has incorporated a system through which the order can be kept intact with the dealer and assurance can be paid to the fact that it will not go out of stock.

               POORTI assures whenever an order which is placed by a farmer with a stipulated dealer (a farmer can select nearby dealer) then his order will be kept aside until he comes to take back the ordered product. Along with the above facility if in the rare cases when dealer rejects the order due to unavailability of the stock then the update will be sent to the manufacturer regarding these and after receiving the update it is the duty of manufacturer to reassign another dealer to the farmer for the product disbursement.  This can act in two ways one it will keep the manufacturer in the course of action, apart from producing the product they can now stalk the status of the product delivery from the dealer’s end. This initiative can bring a sense of assurance at the farmer’s end and culminate the trust of the farmer which leads to more customer engagement.

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