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  • 14 July, 2017
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 Assurance is an important aspect of livelihood and for farmers it stands tall since it has to do the with revenue generation with the help of the assured quality of raw material they apply. Branded products assured us with the quality and specific features which the local players don’t. Purchasing branded products helps in proper specification of products like shape, size, durability etc

POORTI also provides the Product Specification with the image and price. This makes a clear picture of the product and also helps in making clear decision for farmers who always remains in a compromised state. They can choose their desired product with research through the website. Filtration can be done on the basis of product code, companies and type of product which means seed, fertilisers or pesticides. In the phase 2 of POORTI credit facilities will also be implemented. Involvement of UNION BANK OF INDIA itself ensures about the quality and standard of the product.

Above facilities helps in culminating farmers trust and belief and also helps in customer engagement. Highlighting brands can also elevate the name of POORTI and farmers will find it safer to use thereby increasing the sales through the web portal for the producing companies.

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