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 More and more research studies interpret the major concern for Indians which has been the security of their assets and investments. This insecurity has been more provoked due to presence of fund cheaters in our society. We have always been on the  back 

The normal trend of shopping says that primary work will be surveying n number of products before finalising or closing the deal by purchasing that product. This creates an option to the customer of looking into different options and to buy the most liked one. Unfortunately the same didn’t

  Many organisations  and Krishi Vigyan Kendras indulge themselves in the research job where they decipher what is the best possible way to help farmers in terms of better agricultural practices and applying better seeds, fertilisers and pesticides

 In India we always see the method of incorporating intermediary layer in the business setup.Intermediary layer is the involvement of group of carrying and forwarding agents those who helps in the progression of

 Assurance is an important aspect of livelihood and for farmers it stands tall since it has to do the with revenue generation with the help of the assured quality of raw material they apply. Branded products assured us with the quality and specific features which

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