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  • 14 July, 2017
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The normal trend of shopping says that primary work will be surveying n number of products before finalising or closing the deal by purchasing that product. This creates an option to the customer of looking into different options and to buy the most liked one. Unfortunately the same didn’t happen to the farmers.

A farmer named Ram Nandan from Sunderban once went to the dealer’s shop with loose cash to buy rice seeds , loose cash had been collected from the ATM which is more than 29kms away from his house and by the time he reached the dealer’s shop the stock of products he wanted was finished off and he has to buy  an alternative product instead of his choice. This is a problem which has been faced by them in day to day life and as a result the farming gets affected. To combat this problem POORTI has make an arrangement in the order system in such a way that as a  farmer no need of liquid cash is present and his order will be kept at stock in a safe state for a certain period of time which is much more than a normal dealer or stockist provides.

This imbibes the trust of a customer and forms a sense of relief to some extent.  If a farmer gets his desired product then the farming standard will be improved and therefore the sales will rise with the better production.                 


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