Dealer Reliability

  • 14 July, 2017
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   Farmers Society in  our country are those who mainly make their work progress and link ups on the basis of trust and reliability. Many a times it happened that despite the outcome and quality they had stuck to a single dealer or retailer maybe due to lack of multiple options or maybe due to lack of knowledge of the actual quality they deserve. This also leads to adjustments which had been made against the desired quality and service.

               With the inclusion of POORTI in the set up trust issues doesn’t hold that much of significance and this can be done with the help of CASHBox Pro Software which helps in the tracking of the order accepted or rejected by a dealer. This is somehow a viewing function for the manufacturer which helps in at least knowing the product ID which has been disbursed from the dealer’s place.

               POORTI App brings with the software CASHBox Pro which has been handed over to the dealer and manufacturer for the backend process. Thereby making the process efficient and traceable. Therefore the problem for trusting and compromising has been moving out of contention

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