POORTI platform offers following benefits to farmers.

1) Farmers will have easy access to information on products form reputed producers, their availability, features, prices etc on FarmCart.

2) Farmers will be able to order anytime, anywhere conveniently through POORTI shopping app FarmCart. They need not take off from their daily schedule of farming.

3) Farmers will be able to do Cashless transactions through bank transfer. This will not only free the farmer from the worries of withdrawing large lot of cash from ATMs/bank-branches or otherwise, but also will mitigate the security and cash-handling risks of the farmer completely.

4) Farmers will be able to use the credit for productive usage. His repayment concerns will be less as the money is spent for the right purpose.

5) With batch no, lot no, serial no registered on the platform by the dealer, farmers will be able to get the right quality and quantity of farm-inputs with traceability of items to the producer’s lot directly. Farmers need not depend on dealers/outlets who are not authorized by the producer. This will improve his confidence in the purchase. At the same time, he can continue to purchase in traditional way for items like Urea for which subsidy is given.

6) Farmers will be able to achieve savings due to transparency on prices from producers in his/her local area, disintermediation, shared logistics etc.

7) Credit top up/renewal etc for farmers will be facilitated due to e-KYC/ transaction trails available on the platform.

8) Farmers will be able to achieve better control on delivery through mutually agreeable timing for self-pick up and through known delivery agents later on.

9) Farmer will be able to log a complaint related to delivery of items on the platform which will be tracked to closure by the producer and dealer with support from our back-office team. This is almost unprecedented as far as farmer’s agro-input procurement is concerned, and will improve the service quality manifold.

10) Farmer will see crop advisory information available for his/her district from government agencies and Krishi Vignan Kendras in vernacular, which will disseminate relevant information conveniently.

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