Farm-input dealers face many challenges that are addressed by POORTI platform. It offers the following benefits to dealers.

1) Authorized and registered dealers can grow business and customer reach easily through POORTI platform as farmers can place orders on them from many nearby villages anytime using their Android mobile phones.

2) Authorized and registered dealers will have assurance of payment as payment is no longer expected from farmers, but from producers through bank.

3) Authorized and registered dealers will use an IT platform for timely monitoring of sales and delivery of materials. The SMS alerts, OTP and access to Sales, Inventory, and Billing module will automate the order acceptance, item inspection and delivery of materials ordered through POORTI platform efficently and securely.

4) Technology is the backbone of evry business today. The digital and cashless transactions on the POORTI platform with tracking of batch number and expiry date of agro-input materials will enhance the image and reputation of the registered dealer.

5) The real-time reporting and trend analytics will keep the business owners posted on the health of business without any capital investment.

6) With introduction of delivery agents at the appropriate time, dealers will also get opportunity to earn additional amount for managing the shipment through them.

7) POORTI platform will communicate the stock position of dealers for all items ordered and delivered on POORTI platform to the agro-input producers automatically and in a timely manner, thereby avoiding any additional communication effort or sales force visit. This will minimize stock-outs and markdowns for dealers.

8) With an Android app, the business owner or the registered dealer will be able to monitor the incoming orders and delivery of materials from anywhere, anytime. This will make it very convenient for them to manage their business effectively.

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