Awareness Programme

DATE: October 9th, 2018

Raghu Ram a farmer residing in the village Jayapur, district Varanasi has been suffering with the problem of proper knowledge of optimum usage of urea in his farm land.As a result production in his area had been falling under the desired standard. He expected the reverse to happen but unfortunately his expenses are going into vain. Due to lack of resourceful people regarding knowledge around him leads to unawareness.

Knowledge of using suitable product but at right time and at the right quantity is very important for the ultimate result to be in favour, but it is not panning out to be likely as that. Through POORTI solution can be given to this problem of farmers. Website of POORTI also provides a section of blogs and research papers in vernaculars making sure if a farmer sense out the importance of those then he can get the actual figure of the usage of the resources for better result. This creates a knowledge which can be further disseminating to other farmer friends. The research done by the Department of Agriculture, Krishi Vigyan Kendras doesn’t normally reach to the concerned person therefore the initiative taken by POORTI will help farmers to get the hold of the things which are far from them. Creating awareness is important, more you get spread as a brand more customer comes in and consequentially sales increases.

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