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Business benefits of POORTI Platform for Agro-Input Producers are as follows:
1. Assurance of Payment through Bank Accounts mitigates credit risks.

2. Timely Payment by Banks with almost zero debtor days, improves Working Capital Management and saves substantial interest cost for the Company.

3. Immediate notification of end-user ordering improves demand planning with reduction in inventory days.

4. Immediate notification of end-user ordering improves logistics planning with reduction in logistics cost.

5. De-layering of value chain improves chances of better margin.

6. Increased Operational Efficiency/ Service Quality due to online monitoring of orders, payments, complaints.

7.Targeted and Effective Advertisement of new/ old farm-input products etc to right prospects (farmers).

8. Opportunity to grow business in untapped territory easily through platform / through verified database.

9. Access to our technology-enabled operation network for miscellaneous services.

10. Feedback from actual end-user farmers for development of better solutions to farmer needs.

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